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Current employment and contact info

Current position: Senior advisor, Research Divison, Monetary Policy Department
Sveriges riksbank


May, 2023SUERF policy note 577 Will a green transition lead to Greenflation? (joint with Conny Olovsson)
February, 2023 Greenflation? joint with Conny Olovsson, updated August 2023 (older version as Riksbank WP 420)
December, 2022 What is money and what is the role of the state in the payments market?, Riksbank Economic Review 2022-2, joint with Stefan Ingves, Eva Julin, Stefan Lindskog and Gabriel Söderberg.
2022Podd, Fundamentalt avsnitt 153 Vi pratar om räntan och inflationen.
September 24, 2021 Poddcast "Rika tillsammans", hur skapas pengar (in Swedish)
May 28, 2021 Pass-through of negative policy rates (with Henrik Eriksson)
June 11, 2020 Money and monetary policy in times of crisis (with Hanna Armelius and Carl Andreas Claussens)
December 15, 2019 Poddcast "Kapitalet", Bankernas bank (in Swedish)
October 10, 2019 The Riksbank’s balance sheet and financial independence (with David Kjellberg)
January 24, 2019 Pass-though at mildly negative policy rates (with Henrik Erikson)


MacroII, Spring 2020

Articles in journals

Hördahl, P., Tristani, O., & Vestin, D. (2008). The yield curve and macroeconomic dynamics. The Economic Journal, 118(533), 1937-1970.
Lombardo, G., & Vestin, D. (2008). Welfare implications of Calvo vs. Rotemberg-pricing assumptions. Economics Letters, 100(2), 275-279.
Vestin, D. (2006). Price-level versus inflation targeting. Journal of Monetary Economics, 53(7), 1361-1376.
Hördahl, P., Tristani, O., & Vestin, D. (2006). A joint econometric model of macroeconomic and term-structure dynamics. Journal of Econometrics, 131(1), 405-444.
Gaspar, V., Smets, F., & Vestin, D. (2006). Adaptive learning, persistence, and optimal monetary policy. Journal of the European Economic Association, 4(2‐3), 376-385.
Gaspar, V., Smets, F., & Vestin, D. (2006). Monetary policy over time. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 10(02), 207-229.
Nessén, M., & Vestin, D. (2005). Average inflation targeting. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 837-863.
Hördahl, P., & Vestin, D. (2005). Interpreting implied risk-neutral densities: the role of risk premia.Review of Finance, 9(1), 97-137.

Books and chapters

Gaspar, V., Smets, F. & Vestin, D. Inflation persistence, adaptive learning and optimal monetary policy, in Friedman, B. M., & Woodford, M. (Eds.). (2010). Handbook of monetary economics (Vol. 3). Elsevier.
Gaspar, V., Smets, F., & Vestin, D. (2007, May). Is Time Ripe for Price (Level) Stability?,'. In Frontiers of Central Banking', conference Magyar Nemzeti Bank, May.
Gaspar, V., Issing, O., Tristani, O., & Vestin, D. (2006). Imperfect knowledge and monetary policy. Cambridge University Press.

Works in swedish

Ekenberg, T. & D. Vestin (2018). Vad är pengar?, i Nationalekonomins Frågor. Studentlitteratur.
Söderström, U., & D. Vestin (2015). Svensk penningpolitik, i Marknad och Politik, Hultkrantz, L. & H. Tson Söderström (ed). Studentlitteratur.

Education and previous employment

2015-present Senior advisor, Research Division, Monetary Policy Department
2011-2015 Deputy Head, Monetary Policy Department, Sveriges riksbank
2009-2011 Head of Modelling Divison, Monetary Policy Department, Sveriges riksbank
2008 Senior Economist, Bank for International Settlements
2001-2008 Senior Economist, DG-Research, European Central Bank
1998-2001 Ph.D. program, IIES, Stockholm University. Graduated May 2001.
Thesis title "Essays on Monetary Policy", advisor: Prof. Lars E.O. Svensson.
1995-1998 Ph.D. program, Uppsala University
1991-1994 Bachelor, Economics, Uppsala University.